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Founded in 1977, Specialty Glass, Inc. (SGI) has excelled at utilizing innovative production techniques to become a leading manufacturer specializing in glass melting and processing for a wide array of industries within global markets. Melting, forming and processing glassExamples include glass solutions for the following: abrasives, computer heads, vitrified-bonded grinding wheels, dental glass fillers, electronics, sealing, wood preservation plus many other technical glass applications.

Building on years of industry experience and tradition, SGI continues to realize our foremost goal of partnering with the customer to provide a reliable single source solution for cost-effective, just-in-time supply of quality glass powder, frit, cullet and rod.

In meeting the unique requirements of our customers, Specialty Glass, Inc. seeks creative alternatives to traditional methods of melting and processing glass. - Sustainability of customer relationships are built upon trust, flexibility to adapt, years of expertise and inventiveness to realize possibilities for success.

Multi-faceted and with years of material development experience in glass and glass ceramics, Specialty Glass, Inc. (SGI) manufactures an array of glasses from a selection of over 3000 glass compositions. Priding ourselves on solving the unique needs of our customers, it is our goal to work with your ideas, in conjunction with our expertise, to customize an original glass composition, melt your existing composition, or create a new glass formulation to meet specific requirements - treating the client as an individual with unique glass specifications.

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Specialty Glass, Inc. (SGI) is a member of Justi Group, Inc., a family of affiliated businesses including Esschem, Inc., Esschem Europe, Ltd. and Esstech, Inc.


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